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The Tuner classes in KerasTuner

The base Tuner class is the class that manages the hyperparameter search process, including model creation, training, and evaluation. For each trial, a Tuner receives new hyperparameter values from an Oracle instance. After calling, it sends the evaluation results back to the Oracle instance and it retrieves the next set of hyperparameters to try.

There are a few built-in Tuner subclasses available for widely-used tuning algorithms: RandomSearch, BayesianOptimization and Hyperband.

You can also subclass the Tuner class to customize your tuning process. In particular, you can override the run_trial function to customize model building and training.

The base Tuner class

Objective class

RandomSearch Tuner

GridSearch Tuner

BayesianOptimization Tuner

Hyperband Tuner

Sklearn Tuner