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CachedMultiHeadAttention layer


CachedMultiHeadAttention class


MultiHeadAttention layer with cache support.

This layer is suitable for use in autoregressive decoding. It can be used to cache decoder self-attention and cross-attention. The forward pass can happen in one of three modes:

  • No cache, same as regular multi-head attention.
  • Static cache (cache_update_index is None). In this case, the cached key/value projections will be used and the input values will be ignored.
  • Updated cache (cache_update_index is not None). In this case, new key/value projections are computed using the input, and spliced into the cache at the specified index.

Note that caching is useful only during inference and should not be used during training.

We use the notation B, T, S below, where B is the batch dimension, T is the target sequence length, and S in the source sequence length. Note that during generative decoding, T is usually 1 (you are generating a target sequence of length one to predict the next token).

Call arguments

  • query: Query Tensor of shape (B, T, dim).
  • value: Value Tensor of shape (B, S*, dim). if cache is None,S*must equalSand match the shape ofattention_mask. If cache is not None, S* can be any length less than S, and the computed value will be spliced into cache at cache_update_index.
  • key: Optional key Tensor of shape (B, S*, dim). If cache is None, S* must equal S and match the shape of attention_mask. If cache is not None, S* can be any length less than S, and the computed value will be spliced into cache at cache_update_index.
  • attention_mask: a boolean mask of shape (B, T, S). attention_mask prevents attention to certain positions. The boolean mask specifies which query elements can attend to which key elements, 1 indicates attention and 0 indicates no attention. Broadcasting can happen for the missing batch dimensions and the head dimension.
  • cache: a dense float Tensor. The key/value cache, of shape [B, 2, S, num_heads, key_dims], where S must agree with the attention_mask shape. This argument is intended for use during generation to avoid recomputing intermediate state.
  • cache_update_index: a int or int Tensor, the index at which to update cache (usually the index of the current token being processed when running generation). If cache_update_index=None while cache is set, the cache will not be updated.


An (attention_output, cache) tuple. attention_output is the result of the computation, of shape (B, T, dim), where T is for target sequence shapes and dim is the query input last dimension if output_shape is None. Otherwise, the multi-head outputs are projected to the shape specified by output_shape. cache is the updated cache.